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At Scheffel Financial Services, we prioritize you.

Our team includes a diverse selection of specialties, expertise, and education. This lets us take a comprehensive approach to wealth management that builds long-term relationships. So, whether you’re a new family looking to save for college, a professional preparing for retirement, or a business seeking long-term sustainability, we can help.

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What Are the Goals of a Well-Crafted Business Exit Strategy?

The purpose of a succession plan is two-fold: it exists to protect you and to protect your vision for the business after you leave. To protect you, your plan should help you make a profit on the investment you’ve made in the business.

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Demystify the common misconceptions of estate planning today!

We form a close relationship with our clients, and it makes us proud when we know we are not only helping them pursue long-term financial independence, but also helping them leave a legacy behind to their loved ones.

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We look forward to partnering with you and helping you or your business achieve financial sustainability and independence.

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