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Leaving a Legacy Doesn't Just Happen

Preserving wealth and transferring an estate to family and heirs can be a complicated and confusing task to some. We seek to demystify the common misconceptions of estate planning, assist clients in articulating their estate planning needs, and coordinate the work of other professionals who may be needed, including attorneys and CPAs. 

The Scheffel Financial Services team sees estate planning as one of the most valuable services we offer. We form a close relationship with our clients, and it makes us proud when we know we are not only helping them pursue long-term financial independence, but also helping them leave a legacy behind to their loved ones.

Estate planning allows clients to build a legacy for those they care about most in life. Whether it involves putting aside funds for your grandchild's education or planning charitable donations and philanthropy that aligns with your personal beliefs, our team is here to develop an estate plan that focuses on your values, goals, and the legacy you would like to leave behind.

Our team will manage your investment portfolio and use our professional resources to facilitate creating important documentation regarding your estate plan, including trusts, wills, beneficiary designations, powers of attorney, and others. By correctly planning for how you envision your estate to be arranged, we will set in place a system to minimize tax implications and other expenses upon the execution of your estate. Your plan will not be set in stone and then forgotten about. Our team will regularly monitor your goals and ensure that what has been lined out is current and up-to-date with your wishes.

Developing an estate plan is a wonderful way to show your loved ones that you planned for not only your own future, but theirs as well. If you have questions regarding your estate, we would love to sit down with you and have an introductory meeting to see if we can be of service.

This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific individualized tax or legal advice. We suggest that you discuss your specific situation with a qualified tax or legal advisor.


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