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Insurance Analysis

While most people understand that risk management is an essential component of their financial strategy, they may not realize how important insurance is to managing risk. Insurance, whether it’s disability, life, or long-term care, can protect you financially should the unfortunate occur. However, many people lack in-depth knowledge of what their insurance actually covers. This can cause them to face extreme financial uncertainties when the unexpected occurs. 

Insurance Planning as Risk Management 

As part of your risk management strategy, you should have a third party, such as Scheffel Financial Services, Inc., conduct an in-depth analysis of your insurance coverage. We can help determine if you’re paying for coverage you don’t need or lacking coverage for situations you can expect to face. As your financial advisors, we’re also equipped to ensure your insurance coverage aligns with your overall wealth management strategy.  

Creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan 

At Scheffler Financial Services, Inc., we want to build long-term relationships from a foundation of trust. Unfortunately, we’ve found that many insurance companies treat their relationship with their clients differently and hope to sell products that best meet the needs of the insurance company, not the client. 

We offer our insurance analysis as part of our comprehensive financial and wealth management plans. Call us today so we can sit down and get to work reducing your risk.

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